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Optimization Of The Pdf File

Like the URLs of the pages of your website, the names given to your images … the name of your PDF file must be optimized for SEO with keywords representative of your content.

Like the metadata tags of the pages of your website (title tag, description tag …), fill in the metadata of your PDF document. Just edit the properties of your file from your PDF authoring software.

Like any page of the website, optimize the size of your file: if your data is too large, cut it into several files or compress your PDF file.

Like the hypertext links of your web pages, optimize the links included in your PDF file with the right keywords as well as the links from your website to your PDF files (especially not “click here …”). In your document, add links to pages of your site, a link on your logo to your site, indicate the address of your website … Indeed, the user who finds your PDF document and wants to know more will be able to consult your website.

Some Tips

Avoid the provisions of your textual content in columns, and the indexing robots may misinterpret it.

Check that your document is not protected, the textual content must be selectable (copied/pasted) and not be an image in which case it would not be indexable by the search engines.

Export your file in a most common PDF version and not necessarily the latest version so that it can be read by users who do not have the latest update.

Beware of duplicate content, that is to say, identical or very similar to those pages of the site.…

Are You Mobile Friendly?

Your website is mobile compatible because you chose to follow Google’s recommendations by adopting a responsive design . And it’s perfect!

But Google continues regularly its quest for “mobile friendly” and has recently released an update that favors in the search results compatible mobile sites that is to say, respecting these new guidelines! Are you still mobile compatible?

How To Know If Your Website Is Mobile Compatible?

You think you are not concerned because your site is displayed correctly on various mobile devices: on your smartphone, on your tablet … Except that Google does not read your site as a human and that its recent updates require to modify certain resources accessible to Google.

To find out if your site is compatible, test with this tool: Google Mobile Compatibility Test

What is the risk if you do not bring your website into compliance?

Google has announced that non-compatible websites will be less well referenced! For searches made from mobile devices of course (and not as some believe on all searches).…

Your Website Adapted For Mobiles And Tablets

Sales of mobile devices being booming in recent years, Crealys Web offers for a year, to have a version of your website adapted for smartphones and tablets in “responsive web design”.

Multiple benefits: an increase in visitors, a single website maintenance, the right solution for your SEO …

As it is always “shoemakers who are badly shod”, Crealys Web has reviewed a few months ago its website to adapt to mobile devices! This evolution required reviewing the content and refining the site’s design.

So we invite you to checkout our new website from these mobile devices and let us know your comments!

Google’s Mobile Indexing Priority: It’s Coming Soon!

Google announces that its main index will soon be based on the mobile version, this is called the ” Mobile First Index “.

This means that it is the mobile version of your website , that is to say the one optimized for smartphones (not for tablets that are considered a “computer” version), which will be indexed primarily to the one for computers (an impact on the positioning of your pages on search engines!).

What Impact For Your Website?

If your website is already compatible for mobile versions via the ” Responsive Design ” method : the design automatically adapts to the screen width (without any detection of the type of device).

In this case, the url to be indexed is identical between the mobile version and the computer version, this is the method we have been using for years to comply with Google’s recommendations , you have nothing special to do .

We must simply check that Google always properly goes to your website and that he interprets correctly. As Google’s standards evolve on a regular basis, it’s possible that our old achievements require some tweaks, such as unlocking access to resources needed for mobile rendering.…

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